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Community Room Signup

The new Strickler Family Community Room is now available for community use! 


Use of Library Facilities by Other Organizations

 The Keene Valley Library's facilities are available to the  community. The Board intends that the Library be open for nonprofit educational, cultural and informative community meetings and programs.

If the applying group is a first time user, they must complete an application for use.  If they request library use after hours, a staff member or board member will be assigned to be at the meeting to guide the users through building procedures and technology for the meeting.  A $25 donation is requested to cover the cost of that coverage. The Library Board may decline an application.  Use of the facilities for first time users is not approved until a staff member or board is available to cover.


Please notify the library if the meeting or event is cancelled.



Contact Name: _________________________________

Phone Number: _________________________________

Email: _________________________________


Meeting or event _________________________________

Organization: _________________________________

How many people do you expect to attend:  _________

Date of use:  _________________________________

Start time End time : _________________________________





              Staff/Board member

Please put away any chairs, tables etc. after your event, and leave the room clean and orderly for the next user.

You may serve food in the Community Space.  Please remove trash when you are finished.  There is a vacuum in the closet.

There is a smart board / computer for your use, as well as a sound system.  Make arrangements ahead of time for a tutorial on the board’s use and sound system use.

Use of the Community Room is free, but if you’d like to make a donation to support the library, here is the link.

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