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Summer Calendar Listings

for the Library and beyond


May 27:  3:00 PM  Panel discussion and interview with three local authors and Jim Gorman

       Lorraine Duvall,  Caperton Tissot, and Celine Keating  (KVLA Talk)


June 7 and 8, 7 PM  JEMS Pygmalion  (Jay Green)

June 15, 5 PM  June Concert Series:   Ampersand  (Keene Arts)

June 17, 7:30 PM  Can Political reform overcome political dread

June 20, 5 PM  June Concert Series:   Red Canna  (Keene Arts)

June 22, 5 PM  June Concert Series:   Marilyn and Friends  (Keene Arts)

June 23, 10AM   Kite Fest  EBFA ( at Marcy Field)

June 27, 5 PM  June Concert Series:   Junwen Lang  (Keene Arts)

June 29, 5 PM  June Concert Series:   Trillium  (Keene Arts)

June 29, 5 PM  JEMS Alice’s Fault  (Jay Green)

June aging series:  10 - 12 Tuesday and Thursdays at Keene Valley Library.

          free, includes lunch



July 1,  7:30 House of Hamill Concert  EBFA (at KVCChurch)

July 3 6:30 Music from the Back Porch (MFBP) Maple Road  Marcy Field

July 6, 6 PM  JEMS High on the Hog  (Jay Green)

July 8th  Topic:  Adirondack Skies: Doc Goff, Lindbergh, and More  Presenter: Aurora Pfaff  (KVLA Talk)

July 9th  Topic:  Keene Valley Library Summer Benefit  5-7 PM

July 10 6:30 (MFBP)   Woody Witt and Larry Hamm Quartet   (Marcy Field )

July 13-14 Book and Blanket Players: Everybody loves Camping (at the Country Club)

July 15th,  7:30   Adk Photographers, 1850-1950 Presenter:  Sally Svenson    (KVLA Talk)

July 17 6:30 (MFBP)   Twangtown Paramours    (Marcy Field )

July 20 7:30 Meadowmount Concert   in the Valley (KVCC)

July 22nd,  7:30  Wallace Murray Presenter: Tony Goodwin    (KVLA Talk)

July 24 6:30 (MFBP)  Spring Street    (Marcy Field )

July 25, 7:00 pm  Lake Placid Sinfonietta Free Community Concert (KCS)

July 27 7:30 Dar Williams Concert  (KVCC)

July 29th,  7:30 Heroes of WWII  Presenter: Charlie Glass   (KVLA Talk)

July 31 6:30 (MFBP)     The McKrells   (Marcy Field )


Aug 5th,  7:30  Nature Forever: How Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Work Together    Presenter: Olivia Dwyer  (KVLA Talk)

Aug 7th,  7-9:30  JEMS Contra Dancing  (Jay Green)

Aug. 12,  7:30  Exploring Tanzania and Mount Kilimanjaro  Presenter: Doug Downs   (KVLA Talk)

Aug 19,  7:30  Annual Meeting     (KVLA)

August 25 3:00 Champlain Trio Concert  (EBFA 144 O’Toole Rd)




September 1, 4:00 Seagle Festival (KVCC)

September 6-8, Divergent Spectrums: multi media art show (Keene Arts)

September 15, 4:00 Homonkulus, Concert  featuring Seamus Blake (KVCC)

September 29, 3:00 North Meets South-ADK Musicians play Latin American Music   (KVCC)



October 12 7:30 Susana Frade Concert  (KVCC)

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