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Alpine Room


The Alpine Room in the Keene Valley library


The Alpine Room is a collection of mountaineering related books, magazines, journals, photographs, maps and other resources housed on the 2nd floor of the Keene Valley Library.


The collection contains books, maps and other documents contributed by John Case, a life-long mountaineer and Keene Valley summer resident in honor of his wife, Anne. The collection is constantly being updated with new works, funded by the library and individual donations.


The current collection consists of American and Canadian Alpine Journals, non-fiction accounts of mountaineering exploits from around the world, guidebooks, fictional narratives, climbing and mountaineering magazines, maps to locations near and far, as well as many other works.


Two photographs of Adirondack mountain adventures by photographers R.L. and Karen Stolz are displayed in the Alpine Room.


A reading and sitting area, as well as a desk is available for patrons. The Alpine Room is open and available for patrons whenever the library is open.

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