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Director's Report

Keene Valley Library

Director’s Report

March 25, 2024

Submitted by Karen Glass


Weather was unpredictable this winter, but the library was sure and constant.

There are many people to thank for that; Liz and Alex, Margaret and Elizabeth, teatime bakers and especially, the hours of commitment by the board.  Tom and Lanse have steadily pursued the procurement of new doors and 2 media booths. Kathy Wiegand and committee have stayed on top of the need to maintain library minimum standards.

I wish to acknowledge the passing of a faithful library friend, Thora, the library dog. Thora was just a few years old when she began accompanying Margaret to the archives.  She was always calm and respectful of the library.  She would dutifully vacuum our crumbs during teatime and then return to maintaining her watchful position by the archives door.  From time to time, Thora would take a walk-about through the library and do a downward dog for a treat when asked.  She aged gracefully, but age she did and passed away on March 19.  She will be missed.

Library business:


  • This winter we had a very successful program series. “From the Archives.”  (See archives report from Elizabeth for more archive information and activities) In addition to the historical lectures, we also had:. 

  • Scams and Fraud

  • Mercy Care

  • Alphabets  (happening soon)


We plan to continue winter programming in 2024-25 with an emphasis on local topics

   Spring Programs

  •    April 28:  Political Reform: Pete Suttmeier

   Summer Programs

  •    3 poetry workshops for teens and adults

  •    children’s programming: Will work with Youth Commission to set up literacy programs

  •    August 3:  children’s day event

  •    6 summer lectures

  •    5 summer concerts, partnering with town

   On-going programming

  •    Mondays AM:  9-1 open Quilting and Beyond, 

  •    Fridays, 9 AM:  meditation circle

  •    Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11 AM:  Teatime

  Children’s programming upon request.

  •    Creating scribble critters

  •     Painting with resist


Programming in this way has been successful and well received

Summer staff:

Full year:  Karen, Elizabeth, Margaret, Liz, Alexa

page:Jayden- funded by Clements fund

page / clerk:  Chloe  Silverstein, funded by Clements fund

clerk and substitute: Stephanie Tansey


Summer Hours

Monday- Saturday 10 – 4

Archives T, Th, 10-4 Sat 10-12  (no change)



  •  replaced broken desk chair

  • Pending:  door/ media booths / electrical / spring cleaning / gutter protection/networking

  • PENDING: new business cards ( hours, contact info, archives info, ) good for benefit  about $60

  • Roboform password manager


  • Stewarts:   KVLA …for Wonderbooks  $800  $from Stewarts to KVLA,  KVLA contributes $100

  • ALCA (quad county):  KVLA partnering with Town of Keene : $3600  for musicians,  no library funds involved

  • ALCA (quad county):  KVLA  written by library, partnering with EBFA

    • Dar Williams,  asking for $1000 grant,  funding will come to KVLA and we will pay EBFA as part of D. Williams fee of $5000

  • ECAC:   KVLA  Program is $1700 expenses.   Asking $850  grant.  ,  funding will come to KVLA and we will pay poetry workshop leaders.

    • Poetry workshops July though December for Teens and adults

  • Mini grant:  $200 for children’s day programming     $ to KVLA



All is well

Continue to work on Annual report corrections 2023

Working on the website

Prepare for the 2024 annual report.

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