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Clinton Essex Library System


Keene Valley Library is a member of the Clinton, Essex, Franklin Library System. The role of the System is to foster and improve public library service to the residents Clinton, Essex and Franklin counties. All residents of these counties may use the resources of the System

The System accomplishes its goal by support of local libraries and reading centers, by bookmobile service to areas without a library or with populations which cannot easily reach a near-by library, and by service to organizations, groups, and individuals unable to use traditional library services (outreach). It also serves as a link to the global library network and provides leadership and advocacy for library and literacy issues on a regional and state level.

The Clinton Essex Franklin Library System is a federated library system serving 35 public libraries and reading centers in Clinton, Essex, and Franklin Counties. It was the first multi-county system in New York State, established in 1954 by joint resolution of the Boards of Supervisors of Clinton and Essex Counties. Franklin County and joined the federation in 1962. The Library System was chartered by the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York on June 25, 1954 and is one of 23 public library systems serving the state. The System serves a population of 169,611 (1990 census) and covers 4,468 square miles

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