Buy a Book



Every summer, supporters of the Library Benefit have generously also supported the future of the library by purchasing books for our younger readers.  Children’s books are delightful, entertaining and instructive. 


We created a wish list before COVID-19 crashed into our world and are offering you the opportunity to purchase these books for our youth.  The average cost of a book is $20.


To purchase a book for our library, email us the name of the book you would like and the wording of the book plate.  You may send us in the amount of $20  or use the donate button for $22.  


When I read to children or recommend books to children during the year, I always highlight the end pages of the book and note any donations.  The children love knowing that people care about their love of books.  It helps them understand that while the books are free to patrons, they are purchased by someone, cared for by librarians, and shared by all.


Thank you for your generous support.

Karen Glass















Book list for Buy a book:


  1.  Narwhal’s Otter Friend – Ben Clanton

  2. Asteroids, Meteors, Meteorites, and Comets – Ed. Nicholas Faulkner and Erik Gregersen

  3. Emily Windsnap and the Tides of Time – Liz Kessler

  4. Harold and Hot Pretend for Real – Dan Santat

  5. Almost Time – Gary Schmidt and Elizabeth Stickney

  6. The Worst Book Ever – Elise Gravel

  7. Sea Witch  - Sarah Henning

  8. Beyond Words:  What Elephants and Whales Think and Feel – Carl Safina

  9. The Kingdom – Jess Rothenberg

  10. The Undefeated – Kwame Alexander and Kadir Nelson

  11. To Pluto and Beyond: The Amazing Voyage of New Horizons – Elaine Scott

  12. Finding the Speed of Light – Mark Weston

  13. Moon!  Earth’s Best Friend – Stacy McAnulty

  14. The Benefits of Being an Octopus – Ann Braden

  15. Knights vs Monsters – Matt Phelan

  16. Found – Jeff Newman and Larry Day

  17. Mi Papi Tiene Una Moto – Isabel Quintero

  18. Girls with Guts!  The Road to Breaking Barriers and Bashing Records – Debbie Gonzales

  19. Los Zombis No Comen Verduras! – Megan Lacera y Jorge Lacera

  20. Louisiana’s Way Home – Kate DiCamillo

  21. The Penderwicks at Last – Jeanne Birdsall

  22. Sweeping up the Heart – Kevin Henkes

  23. Batting Order – Mike Lupica

  24. Squirm – Carl Hiaasen

  25. Endling the First – Katherine Applegate

  26. Scorch Dragons – Amie Kaufman

  27. The Language of Spells – Garret Weyr

  28. Fry Bread:  A Native American Family Story – Kevin Noble Maillard

  29. The Girl Who Named Pluto – Alice B. McGinty and Elizabeth Haidle

  30. The Super Power Field Guide Beavers – Rachel Poliquin

  31. The Wind Called My Name – Mary Louise Sanchez