Keene Valley Library Summer Lecture Series

Monday evening, 7:00 PM

August 3  Anne Mackinnon:

Arto Monaco: Designing Makebelieve

After art school in New York City, a stint in Hollywood in the 1930s, and a major role in the Army’s mobilization for World War II, Arto Monaco came home to Upper Jay to start a toy factory. His Land of Makebelieve theme park (1954-79) was a masterpiece that drew on all those influences.


Wednesday, Aug 5:  7:00 PM Michael Platt:   “Summer Camp: a Moral Equivalent of Work?”

Americans love their camps more than any institution, but can they be the moral equivalent of the work that used to be every youngster’s summer experience.

Studies show Americans love their camps most of any institution,  look back to that time as the happiest of their lives,  but can camp be the moral equivalent of the work that used to be every youngster’s summer experience. Mine in the Adirondacks was in some measure, because of “loose reigns,” some freedom to meet evil, and a challenging recreation of the fundamental American experience of the frontier, and experience of nature fundamental to our Western civilization.


Library Summer Benefit

thank you to Benefit Committee, to helpers, to servers!, to bartenders, to decorators, registration crew, to those who donated auction items and those who bought them, to all who attended and make the event festive and successful!

benefit invite 2015

The Keene Valley Library Summer Benefit was wonderfully successful, thanks to the work of the committee and volunteers. Having just experienced the Benefit, I am reminded of the many local businesses that make it possible for our not-for-profits to hold such events.

They receive many requests for donations. Each organization, passionate about their cause, ask these businesses for help over and over and over and over,  they say “yes” – with a smile. Many businesses are larger and well established, some are new businesses, some small; all of them especially busy in the summer, yet they make pies and muffins, serve coffee, provide massages and jackets and yoga classes, gift certificates and all sorts of the good things.

So to all the businesses that were helpful to the library this year, I thank you. The interconnection is much valued. It takes a village to support a village.


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