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Once again Keene Valley Library is offering  a wellness series featuring people of the community involved in various areas of personal wellbeing and health.   You are welcome to join any or all talks.

Planning for Wellness Event Date of June 4 th, 2022 10:00-12:30


10:00-10:15am Welcome, Intro, Housekeeping (Bathrooms, etc)

10:15am-10:30 Opening Meditation

10:30-11:00 Yoga with TBD

11:00-11:30 Art meditation with Karen

11:30-12:00 Yoga with Ellen

12:00-12:30 Nutrition with TBD

12:30-12:50 Lunch – reserve from Green Goddess

12:50-1:00pm Ending Affirmation Chant with Karen

Save the Date!!!!!!

The date has been set and plans are being made.

You too can begin planning to give yourself a Wellness Day

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