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Well, it is budget time in the library.  We have sent out our annual appeal letters and we thank you for your generous response.  We assure you that we will send out only one letter, but this year we are going to post a wishlist on our website, an opportunity for you to underwrite some of the services we offer.  We will acknowledge the gift in a visual way at the library and on this web page.  The list also allows you to see some of the costs of library operations

Donations from:
Monty Worth for the Estes Cemetery Project.

Keene Valley Library Wishlist 2023.

  • Day of heat  $40/day   for 7 months  $1200/month FOR 7 months

  • Month of electricity  $200

  • Monthly internet  $100

  • month of water  $47

  • Monthly publicity acknowledge in newsletter $150 ( includes mail chimp)

  • Media booth grant matches (25% of total cost)  KVLA has received a grant to build 3 soundproof booths for taking and teaching classes and cellphone use.  The total cost is about $25,000.  We are responsible for 25% of the cost.

    • Media Booth in Upper level  $500

    • Media Booth in Lower level $500

    • Media Booth in 3-season $5000

  • Monthly printer cost:  sign of acknowledgement at printer:  (“sponsored this month by ______" )  ($125)

  • Month of books  (about 20 books):  we will put a personalized book plate in each book:  ($600)

  • Magazine subscriptions 

    • Cooks Illustrated  $25

    • Tricycle $69

    • The Week  $149

    • Adirondack Life $25

    • Wired $30

    • 0ther

  • Zoom subscription: $250/year

  • Saturday hours: $100/Saturday

  • Summer evening hours: $800 for 2 evenings a week for July and August

  • Profisio Re: Discovery:  this is the platform the Archives use to make our digital photographs available on the internet;  $1380 yearly  $1000 one-time set up fee.

  • Estes Cemetery project:  The Archives of the Keene Valley Library have recently collaborated with the Keene Historical Society to maintain and research the Estes cemetery.  This cemetery needs repair of fencing and headstones.  We do not have an estimate for the fencing but we need a special tool, a tripod hoist, to reset and straighten the headstones.  The expected cost is about $1200-1500.

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