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5 -6 PM

5 - 6 PM


Bristol paper 

Watercolor paper 


Watercolor pan pigment 

Collage glue
Black markers





Postage stamps

art supplies available for $10 to first 10 who register.

Mail Art dates back to the 1960’s and involves sending handmade letters, envelopes or postcards highlighting sketches, collage or text through the mail. The path of this art through the postal system is meant to replace an exhibition or the sale of works through traditional means.

Artist Trading Cards are a series of small (2.5” x 3.5”) works hand-made with the intention of swapping or trading the finished product with other artists. Cards can be one-of-a-kind or a unified group. Once completed, all cards are signed, dated and numbered on the back then exchanged among an art group.

Inspiration for both projects will be sparked by self-reflective prompts and virtual views of artists’ works from around the globe. There is an interactive element to this course; artist trading cards and their transit method, mail art, both involve a maker/sender and maker/recipient. This process forms a bridge, linking those at a distance. It is a joy-filled connection and a way to see the shapes, imagery, words, colors and glyphs that hold meaning to others.


Each week participants will apply a number of two-dimensional art techniques including: watercolor painting, printmaking, image appropriation, drawing and collage. Understanding and applying the elements and principles of design will be be encouraged during class.


.  Experienced artist-teacher and art administrator with 18 years’ experience in progressive settings

.  Advocate of interdisciplinary frameworks that honor process, joy, voice and visionary thinking

.  Practicing artist and naturalist engaged in exhibitions and art-based environmental expeditions