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BRETT LAWRENCE—Modern Traditionalist


When you think of a man who lived his life on his terms, his office the great outdoors and his schedule being geared to the seasons, then I would guess the name Brett Lawrence comes to mind.

  I remember when we married in April of 1973, his goal was to have his “own people” at the Upper Lake.  Having married into the ways of his Valley, life was different for me with his focus being fishing, hunting, and rifles.  Up until he became guide/caretaker for the Weld family, he had been-- like his father before him--an independent guide for the Ausable Club.

P-4843 Brett Lawrence and Mary Lawrence at Holly Rogerson party 1998.jpg

The Weld/Lawrence families blended season to season with children multiplying along with the stories and photographs of the colorful character who wore flannel shirts, 501 buttoned down jeans, a wide brimmed leather hat with guide and Marine Corp pins, usually smoking a cigar and smelling like wood smoke.

  If you knew Brett you knew his fourth-generation home was always open and you knew upon entering that you would not get away without a venison meal, several drinks of bourbon, and endless storytelling.  Also, you could not be a lightweight when it came to the language: his expletives raised eyebrows; however, he always said, “At least I swear grammatically correct!"  Brett loved God, Country, and the Marine Corps.  He proudly flew his flags, stood for everything American, and above all loved the Valley, his friends, and family.

(Contributed by Mary Lawrence)

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