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  Aug. 18 Mask Making 1

Fairy Houses, Part 1

Fairy Houses Part 2


sticks, moss, acorns, assorted rocks and outdoor findings

little findings from inside:  Bottle caps, pins, beads,etc.

very helpful: hot glue gun

also works:  Elmers glue

Meeting ID: 918 5174 2346

Password: 392223

Altered Books             5 weeks

General materials:

  • One or two old books that can be cut, painted, sewn

  • Collage material, magazines, calendars, colored paper

  • Glue, hot glue gun

  • Acrylic or water color paint

  • Scissors, brushes, sewing needles, etc.

  • Ink and brayer, Styrofoam trays

  • Markers, thread, yarn, ribbon

  • Exacto knife or craft knife



Week 1:Collage

Week 2: Printmaking

    second class

Week 3.   Weaving   

Week 4.   Folding paper books

Week 5.   Window box and covers

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