Keene Valley Library:  STORY TO ART!

with Karen Glass and Barbara Tam

for ages 4-8


Each week we will provide a story and an art project for you to do at home with simple materials.  The programs will be available at     Supplies can be   borrowed each week from the Keene Valley Library.

                    Call 518-576-4335  or email to reserve materials.


August 17.  Cambridge 

Project:  Magic Machine

Materials:  white square paper 

 black Sharpie marker

 colored pencils

August 10. The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse 

Project: Wild Landscape

Materials: white paper

 tempera or bottle-type watercolor paint & brushes


Coming Soon---- one more Project!

August 24  And The Good Brown Earth 

Project:  Tangly Fantastic Garden

Materials:  white paper


 oil pastels

August 3.  Blue and other colors

 Project:  Colors and Shapes

Materials:  construction paper

 scissors  /  glue stick/ oil pastels / markers / crayons

July 27: Spots in a Box 

Project:  Summer Spots

Materials:  available from the library

      white paper

     tempera or acrylic paints 

 round ‘brushes’:  stencil brushes, q-tips, wine corks, cotton balls, etc.


July 20   I’m Not Just A Scribble 

Project:  NOT a Scribble

Materials:  large white paper

    black Sharpie marker

    colored pencils or crayons

    glue stick

    part two:   large black paper

    white glue [Elmer’s]

    oil pastels [Craypas]

July 13   Snippets 

Project:  Dynamic Shapes

Materials:  various paper scraps [assorted colors, prints, patterns

 large black or white paper

 scissors. /  markers

 glue stick  / white and black crayon

the dot.jpg

  JULY 6!       CLICK HERE.

The Dot:  Paint Splotch Birds and Other Critters

Materials needed:  

· large white paper

· watercolor paints & brushes

· black  permanent Sharpie

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